Working side by side with many production houses, TV stations, theatres, brand leaders, embassies, hoteliers and art schools locally and internationally has garnered the Kenya Performing Arts Group (KPAG) one of the highest reputations in the performing arts industry for identifying, nurturing, developing and expressing exceptional talent through pieces in music, dance and theatre. We believe that artistic expression is the critical element that brings the final touches to a thriving community; the feature that brings the incredible into the fabric of a culture.

Whether you need a recap of the past, a sneak peek into the future, an experience of heart stopping fun, a glance into the solitary realm of the soul or a powerful encounter that moves myriads, KPAG offers an array of creative, unique and educative performances that will both challenge your mind and entertain you.



Kenya Performing Arts Group, established in 2003, is a full service company specializing in music, dance and theatre performances both locally and internationally.

Our talented and creative team brings years of valued experience to the stage with personalized, captivating pieces from within and from the art capitals all over the world. From Ballet to Jazz, Horton to Hip Hop, Ballroom to Movement, Lyrical to Modern, Dancehall to Kuduro or Contemporary to African; whether you seek the sound of vocal prowess or a thrilling experience of dance and theatre, the team works tirelessly to ensure our creative goals speak loudly in the most unexpected manner.

"I couldn't be more pleased with the performance today. It was an impossible stage to dance on but you pulled it off." - MoshlPerera - General Manager, Sankara Hotel
"What is really striking is the way you see the youth empowered. When they talk about what they do, they say it from deep inside." - Gregg, Programme Officer Hivos
"I recommend her because of the fact that she is a member of Kenya Performing Arts Group, because of the high level of discipline the group members manifest." - Juma Anderson, Renowned Kenyan Artist 
"This is it, the MJ style, I believe you guys are the best around. What drives me crazy is the fact that I see moves that I am familiar with and others that I have never seen. Wow! I love it." - Brian, DaFactory Club.
"I love this; you guys should expand and bring a similar program to Mombasa little theatre. There are so many youths there who would love to be part of such." - Zeruya, Mombasa Based Artists



DaFactory Club is taking place every Friday at The Kenya National Theatre from 2.00pm. Come meet your favorite artists; KPAG members, Baseline Embakasi (O-Mae, FOC, Mozart), Chiziko, Vallary, Fred Omondi, MG-Zay, Big-M, Apopa, DSI, Lex, Owago Nyiro, and many more.