KPAG Yellowline Show:
KPAG overview

Kenya Performing Arts Group (KPAG) is the home of professional dance and theatre. KPAG has been in existence in the field of arts since 2003 and has since been graduating dance and theatre artists who are found the world over.

KPAG is carrying out yearly auditions in all major towns and cities of Kenya bringing together youths within the age bracket of 17-23 yrs for the full time training programme.

KPAG believes that Kenyan youths deserve better in terms of professionalism, competition and exposure

Pictorial representation

Frontier Performance (Netherlands)

Yellow Line Performance (Netherlands)

Move 2011


DaFactory Club is taking place every Friday at The Kenya National Theatre from 2.00pm. Come meet your favorite artists; KPAG members, Baseline Embakasi (O-Mae, FOC, Mozart), Chiziko, Vallary, Fred Omondi, MG-Zay, Big-M, Apopa, DSI, Lex, Owago Nyiro, and many more.